Regarding Summer Program (started 2019)

"I cannot tell you how much Amelia and Myles are enjoying themselves. I am so grateful that you started this program and the kids have an opportunity to play, learn and explore with you and Ms. Morgan! I do not have enough wonderful things to say about this program!"


"Eleni loves the Mount summer camp or as she calls it “summer fun school”. She absolutely adores Miss Morgan and is excited to see her whenever I drop her off! She is always happy to go there and has so many stories to tell at night. I love the little notes we get home at night and knowing how well cared for she is at the Mount! Thank you so much!"


The Mount changed our son's life. This is not an understatement. We moved to Bedford, NH for the main reason of getting a great public education. When our son struggled with reading and was placed in reading support groups for years, he lost confidence in himself, at one point in third grade he was pulled over 20 hours a week from class time and was coming home crying every day. A friend suggested the Mount, something we would never have thought about. We decided to take our son for a tour and see what the school was all about, and within the first few minutes of being there in this warm and inviting environment, he looks up to us and says "Can I please come here now?" It was only a few days later that he started 4th grade at the mount, it was mid-year and he was the sixth kid in his class. A small class size that proved to be an enormous asset for our child. Within a week of being there, the teacher said that he does not have a reading problem, but a vision problem and we needed to get his eyes tested. This immediately boosted his self-confidence, he was such a smart boy, but for someone to tell you year after year that you are not as good as everyone else, it hurts. Our son is now 17, he is a junior at Bishop Guertin High School, he is an active member of his youth group, teaches religious education classes, is currently taking 3 AP level classes and aspires to become a doctor and travel abroad. Thank you, Mount, for the confidence you have given to my son, my daughter and to our family. We will be forever grateful.

Jennifer Jedow, Mount Saint Mary Academy mom and board member, September 2017


Dear Sr. Regina,

I have so many things to say I am not sure where to start! My name is Olivia Bosies and I graduated from the Mount back when it only went up to grade three in the late 90's. I just wanted to say thank you for being a great teacher. It is remarkable all of the things I learned at that school that have really stuck with me through the past 17 years! I graduted 3rd grade in 1998. I think I could still sing every song to every holiday play my class performed in that school.

After graduating from college with honors BFA in Studio Art/Photography, I proceeded to work as a photographer in central New York as well as a rowing coach for both a local college and high school for five years. I just wanted to say thank you one more time for all of those wonderful years at Mount Saint Mary Academy. I feel like educators these days do not receive nearly enough thanks for all that they do, and all that they have done for others. May you have many happy days ahead.


Olivia Bosier, Class of '98.


Our family loves the Mount! I obsessed for the longest time about where we would send our son, Kameron to school. As a teacher and a mom, I feel that a strong early childhood education truly lays the foundation for what is to come later on. We were very lucky to be able to send Kam to a great daycare but the time came where I knew that Kameron needed something more. I began my search for the right school. Not only did I want a school that would challenge our son academically but I wanted to find a place that would help instill the values that we work so hard on at home. A positive and strong school and home connection is something that is so important in order for a child to truly succeed.

Mount Saint Mary Academy has proven to be exactly what I was looking for. I know Kameron may only be getting ready to begin the transition to kindergarten: however I have had many opportunities to observe students all the way up to the intermediate grades. These students are amazing to watch and talk to. They are happy, polite and demonstrate an innate curiosity when it comes to life and learning. If you are visiting this site because your are interested in learning more about MSMA, I encourage you to do so.

--Peggy Zola