To Students and Parents:

The Mount Saint Mary Academy Family Handbook contains information students and parents are likely to need to ensure a successful school year. The handbook is organized alphabetically by topic. Throughout the handbook, the term "the student's parent" means a parent, legal guardian, or another person who has agreed to assume school-related responsibility for a student.

Rules and regulations are necessary for the smooth operation of any institution. It is the policy of our school to have as few regulations as possible. Most rules are not made until it seems advisable for the good of the students themselves.

No handbook can cover all situations. In cases where the handbook does not cover a particular situation, it will be the responsibility of the principal to exercise professional judgment concerning that matter.

We encourage parents to study this book with their child/children so that they may more fully understand and appreciate student opportunities and responsibilities. Please sign and return the statement that indicates both you and your child are familiar with the policies set forth in the handbook.

Let us work together to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for the Mount students.

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Family Handbook Acceptance Form

Family Handbook 2020-2021