Hello to All, and HAPPY SPRING. (At last!)
Upcoming Events
Auction preparation by our classes has begun. You will receive 2 flyers in your child’s book bag, in their take-home work folders!
We ask that each family donate what you can to enable grades 5 and 6 to purchase a gift card for $200. to Vertical Dreams. Vertical Dreams has, in turn, offered us a card for $300., whereby Vertical Dreams is donating $100. to MSMA. The Auction is April 13.
Baseball Fun Fundraiser - Thursday, March 28....Opening Day of MLB!!
Wear your favorite team T shirt for $1., hat for $2. Or both for $5.
Yearbook deposit $10.00 due by March 29. This is a whole school yearbook.
Feed the Worms- Our worms arrive this week. They eat on Mondays and Fridays. Coffee grinds and egg shells are always welcome! Scraps of fresh veggies and fruits are welcome on Mon. and Fri. I will cut the
peels or skins to the right size at school.
Classroom Subjects
Math - We are working on area of triangles and parallelograms.
Science- We are finishing oceans and will start a new unit on the Solar System.
Have a nice week!
Carol Kelly
Hello All,
Thank-you for your help with the costumes for the Catherine McAuley Play! Everyone pulled through and there were no costume mishaps! The play went well, and I compliment all of Grades 5 and 6 for performing their best. The Circle of Mercy song was excellent!
All report cards went home this week and I am pleased to say that there were many improved grades! Please send the report cards back on Monday, the 18th.
Our classroom goal is for everyone to bring up their math scores by 2 points. That seems like a reasonable goal; however, it may take some extra time and work.
Miss Kate from the Greenhouse paid us a visit today to help plant herb seeds in soil. She will also be coming on March 21, Thursday to help us start our worm farm.
Up and Coming Notices
Attendance- Please call the school if your child is going to be absent or being picked up for an appointment.
Clothing Swap- Pants, sweatpants, vests and sweatshirts are needed! If your child has outgrown any of these items, we would appreciate them!
Classroom Subjects
Biography Book Reports- The biography book report for the month of March is also the topic for the Biography Fair, which will be on May 23 in the gym. More detailed information will be coming home next week!
Math- We will finish Equations and begin work on Geometric shapes, area and volume.
Science- We will continue learning about oceans.
Blessings, and have a Top o Your Irish Day Today!

Hello to Everyone,

Back at school after February vacation...the kids seem to have grown another inch!  Our greenhouse certainly did...we had to deliver basil, mint and thyme to New Horizons this week, in order to make space to transplant more seedlings !  The worm farm will be set up by the end of March and we are looking forward to planting seeds in soil in a few weeks! I am so happy to see the students gather around the grow lights and comment about the plant growth or do a ph test !
Grades 5 and 6 will perform The Life of Catherine McAuley on Friday, March 15, at 1:15-2:15 pm. All parents are welcome!
Coming up for March 11-15:
Science- We will study waves and currents.
Good question- What is the difference between a wave and a current?
Math-  We are working on the solutions of equations in two variables and introducing graphing an equation in two variables.
Biography books should be read during the next two weeks.
Carol Kelly
Hello to All,
With Monday off, and a delayed start this week, it seems that the week flew by!
Happy, happy, happy Friday as we begin February vacation! We send Amelia Domingo and Reagan Crusco to the NH State Spelling Bee tomorrow! They are ready! We wish them the BEST!!
We had a formal presentation by Miss Kate and her co-worker, Miss Donna. We learned about the beginning of the greenhouse and how it developed each year. It was developed completely by generous donors and workers over the years! We have thriving herbs and look forward to seeing them continue to grow! We will start a worm farm for the greenhouse in March. If you collect newspapers, could you please save them for us? The worms live in shredded newspaper!
We began practicing for the Catherine McAuley play which will be presented during school on Friday, March 15th. It will be in the afternoon, and a definite time will be set after vacation.
Vacation Week
Students have some reading and math to do during vacation: a biography book to read and some math to begin in Unit 6, writing algebraic expressions. Students have a paper which describes certain math vocabulary words to get a head start on math when we return on March 4th. Also, a reminder that Khan Academy online is a good way to learn about algebraic expressions !
Student desks have been cleaned out, and wishes for a happy and safe vacation have been said, and vacation begins! This may sound strange, but by Wednesday of vacation week, I will start thinking of your children and missing them!
Wishes for a healthy, safe and fun-filled school vacation!
Carol Kelly
Hello to All,
Valentine’s Day, greetings of love, hugs, and the aroma of chocolate filled the classroom!
We are now gearing toward finishing projects and units of study in order to clean house and begin vacation!
Upcoming events for Feb. 19 to Feb. 22:
No School on Monday, Feb. 18, Presidents Day
Godspell Movie will be shown to grades 3-6, in 3 parts on Feb. 19,20 and 21, as part of religion. It is G Rated. It is about modern day versions of the Gospels.
Ms. Kate Hogan will present a formal explanation about The Hunger Program and our involvement in it. She will be with us on Thursday, March 21,from 10 to 11 am.
The NH State Spelling Bee is on Saturday, February 23. It starts at 9am. All students and families are welcome to attend. It is at the Capital Center for the Arts on Main Street in Concord. We wish Amelia
the best of luck! Reagan will also be there to fill in for Amelia and to cheer Amelia on! Of course, I will be there too!
Classroom Academics
Math -  We will continue and finish the math packet. We will further our expressions by understanding the commutative, associative and distributive  properties as well as the properties of zero and one. We will have a Unit 5 test before vacation.
Science - We will finish Unit 10 and have a test on Unit 10 before vacation. The Unit is about Fossils, What was Ancient Earth Like? and How Can Scientists UseFossils?
The math and science tests may be given in sections and on different days, but if a student is absent, and there is make up to do, then testing could be on the same day.
A biography of student choice is for the next book report. The report will be due on March 21. The report will also be used in the spring project along with other activities. More information will come after vacation.
Enjoy the week!
Carol Kelly
Hello to All,
  Congratulations to all students for doing a great job on their research reports! Your transition cue words made your writing smoother! Everyone used great care and showed concern about how you wrote. Our garden is stable and growing nicely! Although we could not go tubing for Winterfest, we had a wonderful time with planned activities in the gym and a challenging time trying to build a structure of playing cards, toothpicks and mini- marshmallows. The structure design was to hold a small plush animal for 10 seconds.  The students worked in teams of a mixture of all grades and they were given time to plan and then build. They learned that team planning and work is a challenge in itself, and that patience and communication were key to getting the Mission done. Unfortunately, no team was successful, but, each team was successful in areas of “ if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”
Weekly Update for Feb. 11-15
Please donate canned soups, stews or chili to school, and we’ll get it over to New Horizons.
Thursday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day !
Classroom Update
Math- Students received a math packet of worksheets which include lessons on algebraic expression writing, properties of zero, commutative, associative and distributive properties, and the continuation of the order of operations in algebraic expressions.
We will work on this packet during the week.
English Grammar - We will be learning about the importance of prepositional phrases in writing interesting pieces.
Science-  We are finishing the Fossil Unit and will test by the end of the week. If your student will be busy with after school activities or is sick, he/she should prepare for the Unit 10 test by doing the Review on pp. 485- 488. These pages will be assigned for class work and homework.
March Book Report will be student choice of a biography of any person which interests your child. Books should be chosen by
February 22, 2019 and should be reviewed by me. The book report will include student reasons why he/she chose their biographical
character. The report will be due on March 21, 2019 and will focus on smooth transitions using transition cue words and good paragraph structure. No project will be additionally assigned.
Hope that you stay healthy, and that we all have a nice week!
Carol Kelly
Hello to all,
      We have had a good week, most of the students stayed healthy and we accomplished some new math and
are in the middle of a short research report, using MLA Easy-bib citation format. The plants were carefully tended to,
and are growing nicely.
   We also visited New Horizons and volunteered our services. Thank-you to the parent drivers who made this possible!
We sorted and boxed shoes, boots, bagged winter jackets and took tags off
 the new bath towels which our school donated. We also delivered canned goods to help stock the shelves.  The students followed
directions and were eager to please!  They did a great job!
Here’s what’s going on for Feb. 4-8:
     Winterfest has been rescheduled for Friday, February 8 at McIntyre.  Students will tube in 2 groups from 10am to 12 noon. There will be skiing lessons for the skiers in the afternoon, while non-skiers will use the playroom for activities until 2:30pm.
Important notes regarding McIntyre Winterfest:
*   Bring your own lunch and lots of snacks! No lunch will be served.
*   No students will return to school after Winterfest. There is no bus back to school.
*   Pick- up for Non-Skiers is 2:30 pm at McIntyre.  Usual pick-up time for skiers.
*   There is No Aftercare at school on Feb. 8
Friday, February 8, 6-8pm, “Arty Party”
* An information sheet has been sent home with your child.
*   Proceeds go to our school fund.
*.  It should be a great night of Japanese arts and crafts!
What’s Happening in the Classroom:
Math - We will be starting Algebraic Expresions, Chapter 5. Be sure to ask your child about this introduction to Pre-algebra!
Writing - We will finish the short research report on Monday, Feb.4 and will be working on a biography book report. The report will be
about inventors, scientists or discoverers. There are 2 goals to the writing: Careful attention to writing a first sentence which grabs the
reader’s interest and second, making a citation page according to Modern Language Association.
Science- We will finish Fossils and have an inquiry flipchart lesson, Tp.483,484. We will finish Unit 10 this week.
Stay warm and healthy!
Carol Kelly
Hello to All,
    It gives me great pleasure to commend the spelling Bee finalists! Amelia Domingo, Reagan Crusco, Elaina Burke and Athan Bevan, you did an outstanding job of spelling !! You were polished, polite, smart on your toes, and composed beyond your young years!
Congratulations to all of you! Amelia will represent Mt. St. Mary Academy at the NH State Bee on Saturday, February 23! Reagan will also attend the Bee, and will fill in for Amelia if Amelia cannot participate on that day. We wish Amelia and Reagan best of luck!
All of us at Mt. St. Mary are so proud of you!
    I also want to share with all of you how well our class responded to a near crisis with our New Horizons plants. It seems that we were not taking enough detailed daily notes in our log book. Somehow our plants almost burned themselves with too much love and attention!
We learned that too much fertilizer can burn the plant, even if the plant is growing hydroponically! From now on, our notes will be more detailed on exactly what and when we do to plants and how we record it! It was a lesson learned during a fabulous teaching moment!
( I can say that now that all the plants recovered! ) Your children are doing ph water testing and monitoring nutrients, and water levels. They have also converted milliliters and gallons to get the proper ratio of nutrients to water! I am delighted to see that every student has taken an active interest in this project!
    What’s Happening This Week:
Please help! New bath towels are desperately needed at New Horizons. Please give a towel this week, by Thursday, when Grades 5 and 6 will deliver them.
National Catholic Schools Week January 27 - February 2
 Coin collection Week to help the scholarship fund.
Monday, Jan. 28.......pennies
Tuesday,Jan. 29.......nickels
Wednesday, Jan. 30......dimes
Thursday, Jan.31.......quarters
Friday, Feb.1......dollars
Mon. Jan. 28...........Student-Faculty Basketball Game at 5:30pm
Wed.  Jan. 30.........Core Keeper Carnival ...1:00-2:30pm in the gym.
Thurs.  Jan. 31......Grades 5 and 6 deliver food and towels to New Horizons
Fri.  Feb. 1..............Patriot Shirt Day
                                Winter fest Tubing at McIntyre Ski Area
Permission slips for New Horizons and Tubing Waivers will go home on Monday, Jan. 28
Please pack a brown bag lunch for tubing.
Math - We will be finishing percents, decimals and fractions.
Research Paper - Students will bring their prepared index cards, book and internet notes(printouts of the website) on Wednesday,
                               January 30. They will compose their paper in the classroom.
Book Report Biography - The Report will be completed at home and will be due on Monday, February 4. Students may hand in their book        reports early on Friday, Feb. 1. The book report may be typed at home.
Science- We will complete Unit 10, Lesson 2, What was Ancient Earth Like?
Looking forward to celebrating National Catholic Schools Week with your children!
And please, hope that our plants will grow without much more drama !
Carol Kelly
Hello to all ,
     I hope that everyone stays healthy for the Christmas Concert Pageant on Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 6:00 for students and it starts at 6:30. We have been practicing our lines and music and hope to have a great performance!
What’s Happening!
Science -     In anticipation of Christmas break next week, we are planning to finish Unit 2 in science.
Math - We will continue work on rates.
Writing - A surprise writing will be arriving at your home! That’s all I can say for now! Your child has been composing something for you!
Literacy groups will end on Wednesday, the 19th.
Book Reports - The book reports look so interesting! I am looking forward to your presentations during the week, and am excited to hang the decorated information cubes from the ceiling in the classroom! Thank-you for your careful direction following and time and energy put into your biographies!
Don’t forget, early dismissal on Friday, Dec. 21 and have a great Christmas!
Keep an eye on your surprise in your mailbox! Have a great week, and I hope to see you on Wednesday for the Christmas Concert Pageant!🎄
Carol Kelly