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Good Afternoon Sixth Grade Parents,

We have made it through our first full week of school! Here is what is happening in sixth grade the week of September 16:

Religion:  We will start preparing for our Mercy Day celebration which will be on Friday, September 27 at 1:45.  We will be preparing to present the history of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.

Math: We have been studying exponents, order of operations and prime factorization.  This week we will be finishing chapter 1 with greatest common factors and least common multiples.  One thing I forgot to put on the supply list was a graph paper notebook for math.  The books last year were consumable so I forgot to add it for this year,  so if your child could bring in a graph paper notebook I would appreciate it.

Science: 6th Grade Science Fusion

Sept 3-13 Quiz on Friday September 13th

The students started to learn how to write a lab report.  The students started the Science book.  Unit 8 Lesson 1 How Do Weathering and Erosion Shape the Earth’s Surface?


  • Explain what is weathering and how does it change rock
  • Explain how erosion and deposition change the Earth’s surface
  • Describe how landforms can change over time]\contrast physical weathering and erosion

Social Studies: We have been studying early Westward Expansion.  We will continue that study with a further look at Daniel Boone.

Literacy: We have begun literacy groups.  These groups will focus on reading, grammar and writing.  The students have chosen their first book report book and were given the instructions today.  The book report is due October 11.

Other Reminders:

*  Band with Mr. Jenkins meets on Tuesdays, make sure your child returns a permission slip if they want to participate.

*  Running Club will start on Wednesday after school.  Again, please make sure your child has returned a permission slip to participate.

Have a great week!

Dear Sixth Grade Parents,
I hope everyone had a great summer.  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with my sixth graders!  Although my homeroom grade level has changed my classroom has not, so students will still report to the same classroom on the first day of school.  We are excited to have 7th and 8th graders joining us on the third floor this year!
Mrs. Reynolds has moved upstairs to the Science Lab and will be teaching 5th grade homeroom as well as science for the upper grades.  The 6th, 7th and 8th graders will be with me in the mornings for homeroom/religion.  I will be teaching Social Studies to the upper grades.  Your students will have me for math.  We will be continuing with Literacy Blocks this year with the 3 - 6 grades.
I am looking forward to another school year with your children!  The first day of school will be the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 3 and it will be a full day with dismissal at 2:30.
Homework for the week of 9/16/19
Math - P. 25 problems 1 - 37 odd due 9/17/19
        p. 26 problems 39 - 55 odd due 9/18/19
     p. 31 problems 1 - 33 odd due 9/19/19
    p. 32 problems 35 - 47 odd due 9/20/19



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Book Reports

Book reports will be assigned monthly.  Each month will focus on a different genre.  Directions and due dates will be handed out each month.