Hello to All,
     Grade 6 took a leap in maturity this week. From now on all vocabulary tests will be written in pen! Attention to penmanship, and how to number the word list with carefully written numbers punctuated by a period is part of organizing a list and making it”eye-friendly”.  In case of a spelling error, students will not use Wite-out, but have been instructed to simply use one cross-out line through the vocabulary word and to rewrite it again. So far….so good!
    Upcoming events!
January 22, Tuesday, – We will be going to Concord, NH for the field trip. Dress uniform is required ( green sweater, brown, black, white dress shoes). We will be performing four songs!! (And the students sound great!)
January 24, Thursday – School Finalist Spelling Bee in the Recital Hall, third floor, 5 pm.
January 28, Monday – (This date was changed to the 28th) Faculty versus Students Basketball Game, 5:30 pm.
What’s Happening in Academics:
Math- We are continuing to  learnabout percents, fractions and decimals. Students are to memorize certain fractions and decimals and relate them to percents.
Grammar writing- We will be working on a short research paper on either an inventor or a discoverer. This paper will include citing two sources: one a book, and the second, an internet resource. Most of the research paper will be done in class.
Book Report- Students are to read their biography books. A book report package will go home this week. The book report will be due
On January 30.
Science- We are learning about ancient earth, the age of the earth, certain ages of animal and plant life, and the importance of studying fossils. There will be a quiz on pages 465 to 471 on Friday, Jan.25.
Stay safe with the impending storm, and have a nice weekend !
Carol Kelly
Upcoming plans :
Math- We will finish Unit measure conversions and begin percents to fractions to decimals.
            Students receive a guide sheet from me week weekly, if you have any questions, please ask your child
            To show you the guide sheet.
English Grammar – We have finished the Noun Unit and will begin the Verb Unit
Writing Composition – We will begin a short research paper on an inventor or a discoverer.
Book Report- Using the preliminary research information, we will select a biography about the person your child chose.
                        We  established a list last week and the decision of who to write about must be made by Monday, Jan. 14.
                        A book report packet and rubric will be sent home as well.
Congratulations to all the spellers who participated in the preliminary Bee, your interest and enthusiasm was wonderful and shows how dedicated you are to your studies at MSMA!!
Congratulations to Spelling Bee finalists: Reagan Crusco, Ellie Burke, Athan Bevan and Amelia Domingo !
                         The Bee will be on Thursday, Jan.24, at 5 pm at school.  Whoever wins  will go to the state Bee on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019.
                          More details will follow.
The Herb garden had a rough start with some minor leaking of a water tray, but with the help of Ms. Kate, we have solved the problem!
I hope that you received some photos from me!
Carol Kelly

Hello to all ,
I hope that everyone stays healthy for the Christmas Concert Pageant on Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 6:00 for students and it starts at 6:30. We have been practicing our lines and music and hope to have a great performance!
What’s Happening!
Science –     In anticipation of Christmas break next week, we are planning to finish Unit 2 in science.
Math – We will continue work on rates.
Writing – A surprise writing will be arriving at your home! That’s all I can say for now! Your child has been composing something for you!
Literacy groups will end on Wednesday, the 19th.
Book Reports – The book reports look so interesting! I am looking forward to your presentations during the week, and am excited to hang the decorated information cubes from the ceiling in the classroom! Thank-you for your careful direction following and time and energy put into your biographies!
Don’t forget, early dismissal on Friday, Dec. 21 and have a great Christmas!
Keep an eye on your surprise in your mailbox! Have a great week, and I hope to see you on Wednesday for the Christmas Concert Pageant!🎄
Carol Kelly