Good afternoon parents,

Again, this week flew by and it's been another productive week.  I can't believe it will be October soon. I hope you all had a wonderful week. 
We have just finished the Giver and had the test today- will be grading them over the weekend.  We have started some fun "Utopian Dream" posters and I am loving their ideas!  So creative.  I started one too. It's been a lot of fun today.  
We have worked in detail on sensory and descriptive writing (spatial order vs chronological order).  We then reviewed similes and metaphors, singular plural nouns, collective and abstract nouns. Next week we will be studying plurals and possessives, appositives, and personal pronouns.  Next week we will be studying misused and confusing words, the Thesaurus, and oral descriptions. By the end of the week they will have written their descriptive writing and we can practice presenting orally (I have asked them to think of a place that they love that they want to describe- a place that they can tell us about that uses all the senses and very descriptive writing, adjectives etc). 
We have come to the end of our unit on the 1920s,  there will be a test on Tuesday, October 6.  The students will be given materials on Monday to help study for the test.  Our final activity for this unit will be to design an informational poster on a topic of the 1920s.  The students will be assigned a topic for their poster.   The topics will be, radio and movies, art and literature, music, clothing, the automobile and electronics, and The Great Migration and urbanization.  

Students will have their quiz on Unit 1 Lesson 4 on Tuesday Sept. 29th.

They will begin to work on their Cell Projects during Science time.  Information will be handed out next Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Students learned and reviewed the conjugation of the “AR” verbs (and their meanings) with subject pronouns included. Conjugation for “AR” verbs is o, as, a, amos, ais and an. Example – Hablar/to speak – Hablo/I speak, Hablas/You speak, Habla/He or She speaks, Hablamos/We speak, Hablias (You Formal Speak) and Hablan/ (Plural), They (Ellos/Ellas) Speak. Students also learned and reviewed additional “AR” verb conjugation: caminar/to walk, necesitar/to need, mirar/to look, practicar/to practice, Hablar/to speak, viajar/to travel, lavar/to clean, terminar/to stop/to end, llamar/to call, pagar/to pay, dejar/to leave, preguntar/to ask, levantar/to raise or to lift and ayudar/to help. During our next class we discussed the difference between the verbs ser and estar/both mean “to be.” We conjugated the verb ser – Yo soy (I am), Tu eres (You are), El/Ella/es (He/She) is, Nosotros/somos We are, Ellos/Ellas/son They are. We also conjugated the very estar – Yo estoy (I am), Tu estas /You are, El/Ella/He/She esta/are, Nosotros/estamos (We are) Ellos/Ellas estan (They are). Use the verb ser when you talk about where someone is from, when talking about an occupation, when identifying people and things, when you are telling time. Use estar when talking about someone’s health, when talking about possessions, when talking about a location of an object WITH a preposition, when talking about someone’s well-being and when talking about someone’s location.
We read and discussed chapter 5 in our religion books this week- the 4th, 5th and 6th commandments. We are called to choose life, how can we show love for our neighbors?, and how can we remain faithful? 
MATH (With Principal Segal):
We have finished chapter 1- Integers, and are starting chapter 2- Rational Numbers: 
2.1 How can you use a number line to order rational numbers
2.2 How can you use what you know about adding integers to add rational numbers?
2.3 How can you use what you know about subtracting integers to subtract rational numbers?
2.4 Why is the product of two negative rational numbers with the same sign or different signs?
Have a fantastic Fall weekend!  This weather has been so wonderful!
Monday- Spanish
Tuesday- Art and Spanish
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- Tech and PE/Health
Friday- PE/Health

With Love & Aloha – withloveandaloha

Anna Long


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