Welcome to First Grade

with Mrs. Reed

Learning in first grade:

In the second trimester, we work on all our special vowel sounds and how to use them in a word. We start with our formal spelling and phonic tests. We drill and practice these sounds every day because they are the “keys to learning how to read.”
In our Hartcourt, Brace and Co. reading series, we are in the fourth book, called Color the Sky. We continue with whole group instruction of skills in reading, like intonation, predicting, fluency and comprehension. The stories are rich with vocabulary for the students to learn and enjoy.
This trimester, we are doing more writing in our journals. We are working on different grammar skills for example capitalize, punctuation, nouns, verbs and adjectives. We also oral present our work to enhance our public speaking skills.
In our math series call “Big Ideas” by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell we are continuing to work on addition and subtraction skills with higher numbers. We are now into two digit numbers. We are learning about money, telling time, fractions, and geometry.
Our science book is called Science Fusion by Houghton Mifflin, & Hartcourt. This trimester, we worked on animal classification and how they adapt in the different environments they live in. We are now starting to learn about the earth’s resources.
We have enjoyed a penguin theme this season. We have used this theme in reading, writing, math and art.
For social studies, we introduced the different cultures around the world at Christmas time. Later, we study Dr. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington.
In Religion, we have the Sadlier “We Believe” text. For the second trimester, we do Unit 2 and 3. In Unit 2 teaches about how we are followers of Jesus. We learn some prayers, learn about Jesus’s last days on earth and how Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to his followers. In Unit 3 we learn about the sacraments.