Fifth Grade News
WEEK OF Sept. 14-18
Big Ideas Math:
Place Value Concepts: Unit 1 test on Friday Sept 18 Unit 2: Numerical Expressions Objectives:  Identify number properties  Explain number properties to write equations  Interpret expressions  Evaluate a numerical expression

Science Fusion: Unit test on Monday Sept 21st. Unit 2
Unit 3 Lesson 1
What are Cells?
Objectives:  Describe how cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things  Identify the parts of the plant and animal cell  Explain the cell theory
Social Studies with Mrs. True
This week we will be looking at the causes and effects of the Sugar Act of 1764, the meaning of no taxation without representation in relation to the Stamp Act, the actions the colonists took to protest British laws, and the results of the Stamp Act Congress. We will also learn about Patrick Henry and discuss why his speeches were so influential.
Language Arts with Mrs. Long
We have finished part 1 of Wonder. They have all finished a rough draft of their personal narratives with sensory details and descriptive adjectives as their main focus. Students made a Tchart with a partner in class, finding out their similarities and differences. We have also been discussing precepts and have a precept of the day (one of the characters in Wonder, Mr. Browne talks about precepts). Choose kindness! Next week we will start incorporating grammar- nouns and proper nouns and do a character analysis of Wonder.
Chapter 2 Jesus shares His Mission with the Church
 Explain our relationship to Jesus  Explore the way to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

WEEK OF Aug 31-Sept 3 and
Sept 8-11 Big Ideas Math:
Place Value Concepts: Objectives: -Define value of numbers -Use a symbol to compare numbers -Compare value of 2 numbers -Compare the value of identical Numbers -Read and write a multi-digit number

Science Fusion:
What is the Design Process?
-Define engineering and Technology
-Identify how engineers solve problems
-Explain why a prototype is developed

Social Studies with Mrs. True
The students will continue to study The French Indian War.

Language Arts with Mrs. Long
The students are reading the book Wonder.
They are working on Personal Narrative writing.

Religion: Open Book Quiz 9/16
Unit 1 Lesson 1 Jesus Shares God’s Life with Us
Jesus is the Son of God
Jesus shows us God’s Love
Jesus invites people to follow him
Jesus’ disciples continue his work

Aug. 27 2020
I am Melissa Reynolds and I am the fifth grade home room teacher.  I also teach grade 6-8 Science classes.  This is my 3rd year here at Mount Saint Mary Academy.  I have been teaching for 14 years.
I have a wonderful husband and a 23 year old son.   We have a retired racing greyhound who is like another child to me.  I enjoy reading, music, going to the theater and traveling.
Wishing everyone a safe and happy school year!!!!!