Aleida G. Galindo
Spanish Teacher
M.Ed. International Teaching


Hola,  me llamo Margarita.

Hi, my name is Margarita.



Mt. St. Mary Academy Craft Fair will be on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019 from 9:00-2:00 pm at our School Gym. Come and join us!

*Cake walk and hot chocolate bar,  popcorn, air plants, ginger cookies, scrunchies, whittle wooden friends, Scentsy, jewelry, etc..

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Students are identifying and writing body parts in Spanish.




Please come to our Spanish Festival on Friday, May 10 at 1:00 p.m. at Mt. St. Mary Academy Gym.


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Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- abril 15-18, 2019

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Students sang the Spanish song: "Gracias Senor por Hacerme Asi"

Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2019

Rosca de Reyes (King Cake)

Students from 3rd-6th grade celebrated Three Kings Day with a Rosca de Reyes and hot/cold chocolate. They have been learning about Mexico and its traditions. On January 6, Mexican children receive their gifts in honor of the Three Kings Day (Dia de Reyes) or Epiphany.

Students enjoy learning about other speaking Spanish countries and traditions.

Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Jan. 14-18, 2019

Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Jan. 2-4 2019

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Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Dec. 17-21

Dec. 10

Students have been learning about Mexico's culture, food and traditions. Today they learned how to make corn tortillas.


Thank you students and parents for buying new Spanish reading books for our classroom library.


Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Dec. 10-14

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Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Dec. 3-7


Students are learning this song for the Christmas Pageant:

Christmas Song: Mi Burrito Sabanero



Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Nov.26-30

Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Nov.12-21

Preschool:Dia de Accion de Gracias




Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Nov.5-9(ii)

Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Oct. 29-Nov. 2


Using Orange (naranja) play-doh and making different orange things: flowers, pumpkin, carrot

Oct. 22-26

Sra. Galindo's Newsletter- Oct. 22-26 ii

Oct. 9-12

*Review colors: naranja/orange
*Review fruits/vegetable: calabaza/pumpkin, naranja/orange, zanahoria/carrot
*Review numbers 1-5


Kinder: Video: Numbers 1-10

Learning the color "Naranja"/Orange and


Singing the number song in Spanish 1-10 calabazas.

Oct. 1-5




Review: Hola, Adiós

*Activity: Song using hands with the words: Hola y Adiós
*Learn & review: Counting and identifying numbers 1-5, rojo/red, manzana/apple

*Introduce color & vegetable: naranja/orange, Pumpkin/calabaza


Kinder: Review Numbers 1-10, Color:Red/rojo, *Fruit: Apple/manzana

*Introduce color & vegetable: naranja/orange, pumpkin/calabaza











Oct. 9-12

4th-6th Grade
*Learn & review:
-Oral Expressions worksheet

***Assessment on Oral Expression worksheet

*4th Grade –Oct. 9th

*5th Grade- Oct. 12th

*6th Grade-Oct. 10th

***Students have taken home the worksheet to study.


Oct. 1-5

*Spanish:*4th – 6th Grade

**TEST: Oct. 9- 4th grade

Oct. 10-6th grade, Oct. 12-5th grade

Oral expression worksheet

*Learn and review:

-Oral expressions: Questions and answering in complete sentences

EX: ¿A qué hora comes tú el almuerzo? (When do you eat lunch?)

-Oral Expression: ¿Puedo ir al baño, por favor?

-Song:  Thank You Lord, for how you made me! CANCION GRACIAS porque me hiciste así

***Cristobal Colon: Christopher Columbus



Oct. 1-5


*Literacy Block:

*Book : Novel

-New literacy group




Cristobal Colon y sus navegantes

Christopher Columbus and his sailors


Oct. 9-12

1st Grade

1st Grade
*Learn/review: Cristobal Colon/Christopher Columbus

**Activity: making sailor hats



-Numbers 1-10
*Identify/write numbers in Spanish/matching number & figure


Oct. 1-5

*Spanish:*1st Grade:

Review: -Hola, Adiós

*Learn and review:

-Numbers 1-15

-Color: Rojo/red, anaranjado/orange

Manzana/apple, calabaza/pumpkin

**Sailor Hat-color and talk about Cristobal Colon

**Columbus Day: Cristobal Colon

-Oral Expression: Greetings

¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo___. ¿Y tú?

-Oral expression: ¿Puedo ir al baño, por favor?

Can I go to the bathroom, please?

-Learning Song:



Oct. 9-12

2nd Grade

-Alphabet in Spanish/abecedario
Alphabet Video/Song:


Thanksgiving song:


Oct. 9-12

3rd Grade

*Learn about foods: Leche/milk, pollo/chicken, ensalada/salad, queso/cheese, papa/potato, pan/bread/jugo/juice
*Using the phrase: Quiero un vaso de leche/jugo, por favor? Could I have a glass of milk/juice, please?
Quiero un pedazo de pan/queso, por favor? Could I have a piece of bread/cheese, please?
Thanksgiving song:

Oct. 1-5


*2nd & 3rd Grade

*Learn and review:

-Introductions and greeting

-Numbers 1-20


Video Song ABC


-Vowels/vocales: a,e,i,o,u


*Song: Thank You Lord, for how you made me! CANCION GRACIAS porque me hiciste así

-Oral expression:

¿Puedo ir al baño, por favor?

Buenos días. ¿Cómo están?

Bien, gracias. ¿Y tú?

Bien, gracias.

 ***Cristobal Colon:Christopher Columbus