Kathleen Connors
Spanish Teacher


My name is Katie (Kathleen) Connors. I graduated in 1998 from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a minor in Spanish.

I have been a teacher at the Mount for three years.  Currently, I teach Spanish and Technology.

I have been a Mount parent for nine years. I'm thrilled to see the Education, Compassion, Excellence and Mercy that was instilled in my daughter (at the Mount) shine brightly now during her High School years.

I currently reside in Manchester, NH with my daughter Morgan and our cats Harry and Halo.

In my spare time, I love to garden, visit the beach and travel.

I look forward to a wonderful year with your children.



Srta. Connors’ Español Newsletter

mayo 1  - mayo 31, 2022

Cinco de Mayo - Each grade made sombreros and did Cinco de Mayo activities according to grade Level (photos can be found here).

Spanish PS-K:*Students learned and reviewed the letter “Y”, the letter “Z.” Words that begin with the letter “Y” - yema/yolk, yoyo/yoyo, yak/yak y yogur/yogurt. Words that begin with the letter “Z” - zoologico/zoo, zorro/fox, zapato/shoe, y zanahoria/carrot. Additionally students learned and reviewed numbers cero-cinco/one-five and began to learn colors - rojo/red, amarillo/yellow, verde/green, azul/blue, orange/anaranjado.

Spanish Grades 1& 2:*Students learned and reviewed Animales de la granja/Farm Animals - vaca/cow, gallina/chicken, caballo/horse, borrego/sheep, pavo/turkey, perro/dog, cereda/pig, gato/cat, y cabra/goat. Next *Students learned and reviewed Los animalitos/baby Animals - pollito/chick, gatito/kitten, cordero/sheep, patito/duckling, perrito/puppy, cabrito/pony. Additionally *Students learned and reviewed Animales del Amazonas/Animals from the Amazon - mono/monkey, jaguar/jaguar, tucan/tucan, piranha/piranna, cocodrillo/crocodile, tarantula/tarantula, rana/frog y perezoso/sloth.

Spanish Grades 3-8:*Students learned and reviewed the verb Estar/To be. Yo estoy, I am, Tú estás/You are/ el, ella, ud está/He is, She is and it is, nosotros estamos/we are vosotros estais/You are (informal) y ellos, ellas,/They are (masculine), They are (feminine). Rhyme - How you feel or where you are, use Estar. *Students formed sentences using these adjectives and the verb Estar - feliz/happy ex.(Yo estoy feliz/I am happy), triste/sad, cansado/tired, serio/serious, enojado/angry, nervioso/nervous y asustado/scared. They also formed sentences to tell where things were and used these nouns to form the sentence - bored/aburrido, en la sala/in the living room(ex. Donde esta la lampara/Where is the lamp, La lámpara está en la sala/The lamp is in the living room), on the table/encima de la mesa y en la cocina/in the kitchen.Next *Students began to learn/review the verb Ser which also means “To Be.” We use Ser when we are describing people or things. Yo soy/I am, Tu eres/You are, el, ella, usted/He is, She is, It is, nosotros somos/We are and ellos, ellas, /They are (masculine) Ellos son, They are (feminine) Ellas son. *Students formed sentences using these adjectives and the verb Ser - inteligente/intelligent (ex. Yo soy inteligente, simpático/sympathetic, innocent/innocent, alto/tall, paciente/patient, rubio/blonde  (ex. Ella es rubia/She is blonde), joven/young, impaciente/impatient, bajo/short, moreno/brown, fácil/easy, interesante/interesting, gracioso/funny, independiente/independent, antipático/unfriendly, bonito/pretty y pequeno/small or short. Lastly Students had to tell the difference between Estar vs. Ser based on the above rules.










Hola,  me llamo Margarita.

Hi, my name is Margarita.



newsletter october 15-18, 2019agg123


Students are identifying and writing body parts in Spanish.





Cristobal Colon y sus navegantes

Christopher Columbus and his sailors


Oct. 9-12

1st Grade

1st Grade
*Learn/review: Cristobal Colon/Christopher Columbus

**Activity: making sailor hats



-Numbers 1-10
*Identify/write numbers in Spanish/matching number & figure
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ydJr1Is8xI


Oct. 1-5

*Spanish:*1st Grade:

Review: -Hola, Adiós

*Learn and review:

-Numbers 1-15

-Color: Rojo/red, anaranjado/orange

Manzana/apple, calabaza/pumpkin

**Sailor Hat-color and talk about Cristobal Colon

**Columbus Day: Cristobal Colon

-Oral Expression: Greetings

¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo___. ¿Y tú?

-Oral expression: ¿Puedo ir al baño, por favor?

Can I go to the bathroom, please?

-Learning Song:



Oct. 9-12

2nd Grade

-Alphabet in Spanish/abecedario
Alphabet Video/Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhYKuKA0qLo


Thanksgiving song:


Oct. 9-12

3rd Grade

*Learn about foods: Leche/milk, pollo/chicken, ensalada/salad, queso/cheese, papa/potato, pan/bread/jugo/juice
*Using the phrase: Quiero un vaso de leche/jugo, por favor? Could I have a glass of milk/juice, please?
Quiero un pedazo de pan/queso, por favor? Could I have a piece of bread/cheese, please?
Thanksgiving song:

Oct. 1-5


*2nd & 3rd Grade

*Learn and review:

-Introductions and greeting

-Numbers 1-20


Video Song ABC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhYKuKA0qLo


-Vowels/vocales: a,e,i,o,u

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3m5WNefmwQ

*Song: Thank You Lord, for how you made me! CANCION GRACIAS porque me hiciste así

-Oral expression:

¿Puedo ir al baño, por favor?

Buenos días. ¿Cómo están?

Bien, gracias. ¿Y tú?

Bien, gracias.

 ***Cristobal Colon:Christopher Columbus