Welcome to Physical Education with Miss Abbey!

Physical education is an organized instructional period for physical development and coordination for all students from Pre School through Grade Six. We begin each class by reviewing our agenda which lists our warm-up activity, the skills of the day, and a game. Our Physical Education Curriculum follows the N. H. S.H.A.P.E America Standards. The curriculum includes hand-eye coordination, large body movement, body awareness, spatial awareness, fitness training, and social skills. Children are taught sportsmanship, being a team player, and the value of physical activity for their health.

Students should come prepared for Physical Education by wearing their proper Phys. Ed. uniform, a pair of sneakers, and bring a water bottle!

This Month in Physical Education

This month is ALL ABOUT FIELD DAY! We will be prepping for field day activities using the skills we have learned throughout the year.  Upper grades will also be re-tested for fitness testing to compare to their fall scores.

Field day is almost here!

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Golden Sneaker Award

Each month a classroom is awarded the Golden Sneaker. Check out more information and our monthly winners using this link: Golden Sneaker Award