In grades Pre K-1, children listen to music, dance, learn and sing songs, begin rhythm activities and play games built around strengthening the fundamentals of music while also incorporating letters, numbers, colors and shapes.

In grades 2-3 children participate in music movement activities, learn and sing a variety of popular music, folk and praise songs, learn about different instruments and parts of an orchestra, and learn about the history of some important music makers.

Grade 4 will be learning the written language of music and playing an instrument through the African Djembe drum, xylophones and musical tubes called Boomwhackers.

In a new addition to our music curriculum this year grade 5 students will be learning to play the ukulele. Strumming, playing melodies and singing popular tunes, folk and praise songs.

Grades 6-8 focus on the deeper history of famous composers, different styles of music from around the world and an understanding of large scale composition and arrangement. These activities will involve research projects where students will search out, study and present what they have discovered for the class.

Band is an option for students in grades 3-8. The focus is on learning to work as a team within different ability levels. Children participate in musical performances throughout the school year.

Choir is an option for grades 6-8. Students learn proper breathing, projection, diction and harmony. Material from a wide variety of genres is incorporated.