Children love to be read to and to read. That is one reason for having a time set aside for literature each day. If children are taught the basic skills and the foundations of reading, they will read in their own time. Our English/Language Arts program encompasses listening, speaking, literature, poetry, reading, writing, and grammar. We provide a solid foundation of phonetics, coupled with many other methodologies to give students a basis for reading and writing. Vocabulary, spelling, and grammar lessons are an integral part of the reading and writing curriculum. We assess reading skills using NWEA Measures of Academic Progress and Fountas and Pinnell; we use this data to inform the individual, targeted student instruction.

We make use of notebooks in every subject area rather than using a great deal of worksheets. This provides children the opportunity to experience writing on a regular basis rather than filling in blanks.

Children are also taught to write creatively in every grade. Creative writing takes place weekly.