Art with Miss Casey

grades K-8.

I hope everyone has a great vacation!

Don't forget art is everywhere! Follow your creativity.


When we return...

K- Will be learning about Van Gogh and his famous " Starry night".

1st- Will learn about Sonia Delaunay and her circle art.

2nd- Second grade is going to use their knowledge they gained worked on their share fair state projects to illustrate a stamp for their state.

3rd- Will be working on patterns, shadows, and perception in a work of art.

4th- Has been looking at birch tree and what makes them unique. They now know this is our state tree and can create a work of art to include with their NH share fair projects.

5th- Will work on mandalas and what type of symmetry is used to create them.

6th- Paper quilling is old art technique that priest and nun used to do with scrapes of paper from books. Sixth grade will have a chance to explore this art.

7-8th- These students using their own shoe as reference have created and ink drawing of their unique shoe style. These guys got to pick artist for their share fair, that means we will take the opportunity to dive deeper into their individual artists and styles.

Through the early years, children explore with the use of crayons, markers, and clay. In the elementary Art program, students learn to handle a variety of medium and the techniques to express themselves with these materials. In the lower grades, freedom of exploration is encouraged and in the upper grades, the methodologies of art and drawing are emphasized. Throughout the Art program, appropriate usage of the vocabulary and techniques of various artists is stressed and practiced. Art History and art appreciation are part of the curriculum. Students are provided with examples of the professional artist's work. The older students begin to confront challenges of the adult artist: rendering objects in the third dimension, perspective, and shading.

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-Miss Casey