Art with Miss Casey

grades K-8.

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The next few weeks in art.

K- This week we learned about artist Jackson Pollock. Then, created an action art piece of our own. Using string and paint. Next, K will be learning about Picasso and his " bouquet of peace" which we will recreate.

2nd- Will be learning about Van Gogh. We will take a deeper look into "Starry night" and creating their own version.

3rd- Students in 3rd will be learning about Romero Britto and his unique art style of pop art. Using lots of bright colors and patterns we will make one of a kind cats.

4th- Students will use the reference of their faces to create cubism portraits just like famous Pablo Picasso.

5th- Learning about the pop art era and the works of Andy Warhol. Taking this knowledge they will create their own pop art style using repeating popular images and bright bold colors.

6th- The students in 6th spent time creating an optical illusion. Using the shape of their hand and bending of lines to fool the eye, that their hand is popping out from under the paper. Next we will be looking at a different type of artist illusion in one point perspectives.

7-8th- These students looked into the detail of a simple leaf and recreated what they observed using clay. We are now beginning a multi week project. Students picked an image they liked and will create one image using three different styles of art. (realism, abstract, and non-objective)

Through the early years, children explore with the use of crayons, markers, and clay. In the elementary Art program, students learn to handle a variety of medium and the techniques to express themselves with these materials. In the lower grades, freedom of exploration is encouraged and in the upper grades, the methodologies of art and drawing are emphasized. Throughout the Art program, appropriate usage of the vocabulary and techniques of various artists is stressed and practiced. Art History and art appreciation are part of the curriculum. Students are provided with examples of the professional artist's work. The older students begin to confront challenges of the adult artist: rendering objects in the third dimension, perspective, and shading.

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-Miss Casey