The Board of Trustees are "entrusted" with the oversight of the ministry in fulfillment of the Mission and values of Mount St. Mary Academy.

Private Catholic School Boards

  1. Formulate Policy
  2. Give direction to the school (i.e., plan)
  3. Furthering the school's mission and ensuring the school's success
  4. Involved in long-range issues (rather than day to day operations) and in "big picture"
  5. Planning and budgeting or budget approval

The Minimal Functions of the Board include:

  1. Developing a strategic plan
  2. Policy development and approval
  3. Hiring/Firing the Principal
  4. Principal Evaluation
  5. Approving an annual budget
  6. Setting Salaries
  7. Setting Tuition
  8. Overseeing financial accountability
  9. Ensuring that in broad terms the school is fulfilling its mission

The board should NOT be involved in the day-to-day operations of the school.  Such daily practical matters should be handled directly by the school Principal.

Individual Board Members should never be involved in specific management, personnel, or curricular issues.  The primary responsibility of the Principal is to implement Board approved policies.

The Principal also oversees:

  1. The implementation of the curriculum and classroom management/ staff development/ necessary resources.
  2. Responsible for staff evaluation and hiring and firing within the financial constraints determined by the board.
  3. Day to day operations.

Board of Trustees Members:

Dan Goldner, Chair
Director, Research and Development, Texas Instruments
Dan has been with Texas Instruments for 29 years in engineering roles ranging from design to program management to research & development.  He also was responsible for TI’s High Performance Analog segment as Vice President of Finance.  Dan and is family have lived in Houston, California, Dallas, and Oslo, Norway before coming Manchester.  Wife Lisa, children Eli (21), Dante(17) and Sidra (16).
Board Member since 2013


Angela Kalampalikis, Co-Chair  
President and Director of Education at Salter Nursing
Seacoast Career School


Jennifer Jedow
CEO and Founder of Jedow Interactive, LLC.
Web Development and Digital Marketing Strategies Expert.  Serial Entrepreneur, created own web development company and has been running this for over 16 years.  Advocate for kids financial literacy as well as entrepreneurship and has run camps for kids across the US.  Married for over 23 years to Jim, children Nathan (18) and Emma (16).
Board Member since 2016


William Windler, MD
The Doctor's Office


Kristine Peterson
Director of Financial Aid
Seacoast Career School


Duffy Smiley
Marketing - Derryfield School
Biologist by training, I quickly learned the jobs you look for are not always the ones you plan for, especially when being an at home mom is a top priority. I have worked for the forest service, been a teacher, a librarian, and now find myself in communications and marketing.  Blessed beyond imagination, married for twenty-five years to David, and the mother of three great young men, Jake, Max and Sam, my wish is to be able to give back.