The Board of Trustees are "entrusted" with the oversight of the ministry in fulfillment of the Mission and values of Mount Saint Mary Academy.

Private Catholic School Boards

  1. Formulate Policy
  2. Give direction to the school (i.e. plan)
  3. Further the school's mission and ensure the school's success
  4. Be involved in long-range issues (rather than day to day operations) and in "big picture"
  5. Plan and budget or approve budget

The Minimal Functions of the Board include:

  1. Developing a strategic plan
  2. Developing and approving a policy
  3. Hiring/Firing the Principal
  4. Evaluating the Principal
  5. Approving an annual budget
  6. Setting Salaries
  7. Setting Tuition
  8. Overseeing financial accountability
  9. Ensuring that in broad terms the school is fulfilling its mission

The board should NOT be involved in the day-to-day operations of the school.  Such daily practical matters should be handled directly by the school Principal.

Individual Board Members should never be involved in specific management, personnel, or curricular issues.  The primary responsibility of the Principal is to implement Board approved policies.

The Principal also oversees:

  1. The implementation of the curriculum and classroom management/ staff development/ necessary resources.
  2. Staff evaluation and hiring and firing within the financial constraints determined by the board.
  3. Day-to-day operations.

Board of Trustees Members:

Bill Collins: Chair

President of Collins Tree Service, Inc.
The Collins family has successfully owned and operated Collins Tree Service for over 40 years. During that time they have served the tree and shrub needs of thousands of people in every conceivable situation.  Bill and his wife, Claire, have one son, Joel (14), and live in Manchester.
Board Member since 2019

Angela Kalampalikis: Co-Chair

President and Director of Education at Salter Nursing
Seacoast Career School

Dan Goldner:  Past Chair

Dan recently retired from Texas Instruments after 32 years, having spent much of his career in engineering roles ranging from design to program management to research & development. He was also responsible for TI's High-Performance Analog segment as Vice President of Finance and Operations. Dan and his family have lived in Texas, California, and Oslo, Norway before coming to Manchester. Dan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University, and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.  Wife Lisa, children Eli (24), Dante (21), and Sidra (20).
Board Member since 2013

Tanya Bender:  Parent Representative

Originally from New Jersey, Tanya has lived with her family in Bedford for the past 11 years. Tanya & her husband, Ernie, have two children. Both have attended the Mount and their daughter Amelia is currently a 5th grader. Tanya & her husband feel that both of their children have benefited greatly from the Mount’s solid education & spiritual development. Besides being a Mount parent & Board member, Tanya has a teaching degree and works in the Manchester public school district. 
Board Member Since 2019

Tanya Robinson:  Parent Representative
Board Member Since 2020

Alexandra Bruttaniti

Alex is originally from Athens, Greece. She came to Manchester to study at Southern New Hampshire University, where she got her BS in Accounting & Finance and her MBA. During her graduate studies, she met her husband and decided to permanently stay in the United States. Alex has worked in Imports/Exports, Lending, and Accounting & Finance. She also worked at MSMA for several years, where she took on multiple roles, including being a substitute teacher for all grades (Preschool-8). She is currently the Director and one of the teachers at the Assumption Church Greek School. She is also on the review committee that edits Greek books taught at Greek Schools in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Alex lives in Manchester with her husband and son (who attended MSMA from 2013 to 2020).                                                                                                                                                                                              Board Member Since 2020

Megan Cairns

Megan has over 25 years of experience in various financial and compliance roles.  She and her husband are parents to four relatively recent Mount grads and were proud to be part of the Mount parent community for 14 years.  Their children have experienced continued success building on the foundation of their Mount education.  Megan looks forward to serving the Mount community on the Board of Trustees.

Board Member Since 2020