the girard journal – october 2, 2020


Today is the Feast Day of the Guardian Angels.  Today, in religion, we discussed how we are all assigned a guardian angel to watch over us!  What a privilege!  We should pray to our guardian angels for guidance and protection.  Another cool thing, guardian angels are not recycled, they stay with you forever! 

We are finishing up sentences in our grammar section.  We will have a final quiz on it next week before we move on to nouns!!  We will also be finishing up Charlotte’s Web next week.  Your children are so enjoying this wonderful tale about the talking animals on Mr. Zuckerman’s barn.  We talked about whether animals can really talk!  Your students had some fantastic idea!s  According to Dr. Dorain, we might be able to hear animals talk if it wasn’t for the incessant talking of people!!  Some of your students agreed!!

We have begun our unit on Map Skills in Social Studies.  We are learning about map keys, how to read a map, and cardinal and intermediate directions.  They even have to design their own map and map key. 

In math this week, Mrs. Hudson continued on multiplication with 2’s & 5’s.  Next week she is moving to 10’s, 0’s & 1’s.  Please continue to use flashcards or other ways to help your child memorize these facts.  

Finally, in science we are studying the design process as it pertains to engineering.  There are five steps that engineers use to create the best inventions to solve people’s problems.  We all agreed. We really like indoor plumbing!!!!

Mrs. Girard

Reminders:  October is the month of the Rosary!!

October 5-6:  NEWA Testing 


Hello Families,

Fall is here!!!!  I am so excited to see the leaves change color, the beautiful mums and the round pumpkins of the season.  As our nights are cold and our days warm, we continue to learn about the love of Jesus!  In religion, our focus is on the second coming and the glories of Heaven.  

In grammar we will continue with subjects and predicates,  combining sentences and how to avoid run-on sentences!!  As we continue with Charlotte’s Web we are watching the relationship of Wilbur and Charlotte develop into a gift of true friendship.  Be sure to ask your children what a truffle is, and I am not talking about a chocolate truffle!! 😉

In math, Mrs. Hudson finished up her focus on multiplying by 2’s.  Next week she will begin multiplying with 5’s.  Keep studying thoses math facts!!!!!!

This week’s science will bring us our first unit test on Wednesday.  A study guide went home with your children this past Thursday to aid in their studying.  They should review/study this daily until the test day.  

Social Studies will introduce Map Skills this week where they will learn about cardinal and intermediate directions, lines of latitude and longitude and how to read a map.  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Mrs. Girard

Reminders:  Scholastic Book orders due September 29th.  

No School- October 12 in observance of Columbus Day

October 19-Picture Day!!



The Girard Journal –  September 18, 2011

Hello Families,

We are just finishing our third week at school and beginning to get into a routine.  

In Religion, we are finishing up our Chapter “Jesus Teaches Us About God’s Love.”   They held mustard seeds are we discussed that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains!!  

We are continuing to read Charlotte’s Web and had our first test on it this week.  Be sure to look at your child’s “Friday Home Folder” for their corrected assignments.  In grammar we are moving beyond sentences and delving into the concepts of subject and predicates.  

We should be finishing Unit 1 in Science next week as we discuss how scientists use data and comparing results.  We will have a Unit 1 Test the week of September 28th.  

Finally, we have begun to explore Social Studies and the different strands that make it up.  We have discussed how our country developed, the freedoms we are blessed with and people who have made a difference in our country’s history like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Mrs. Hudson continues to teach multiplication and now division.  Your students are learning how to divide into equal groups and use a number line to divide.  


Mrs. Girard


Reminders:  Mondays are ice cream days!!  Ice cream available for purchase for $1!!!



The Girard Journal –  September 11, 2011

Welcome to Mrs. Girard’s Third Grade Class!!


I am not sure about you but, this week went by very fast for me!!! 

The students had their first religion test today. Yesterday was their first science quiz. Next week we will have our first reading test on chapters 1-6 of Charlotte’s Web and a grammar quiz on types of sentences and sentence structure. 

I enjoyed meeting all the parents at the Open House. You truly have remarkable children and thank you for teaching them scruples! If you didn’t make it to the Open House and don’t know what I am talking about, just ask your child about scruples and who exactly in Charlotte’s Web had absolutely no scruples!!! 

Mrs. Hudson has been working on assessing the children for their reading levels and should be finishing them up next week. She also has been teaching and reviewing multiplication with them, using both repeated addition and a number line.

We ended the week outside participating in a 9/11 tribute where we prayed and remembered all those heroes and victims of the atrocity that happened 19 years ago this very day. We were accompanied by members of Manchester law enforcement, firefighters and a couple of horses from the mounted patrol!! Hope you have a great weekend.


Mrs. Girard