Welcome to Preschool With Ms. Donna!


Good morning  & happy first day of spring(?)  I hope everyone is well & had a chance to enjoy the outdoors yesterday. Today seems like it may be a bit damp out so it might be the perfect time for our little friends to tidy up and organize their toys! They may find some really cool things while cleaning that they haven’t played with in a while. (almost like having a new toy!)  While they are organizing  they could count how many LOL dolls, Hot Wheels cars, etc to make it more interesting. Mom/dad could even help them make a label to identify the toys in the bin/container they’re in. This way they get a letter recognition/ spelling lesson all at once! These are just a few simple ideas to make the day a bit more productive,  provide a learning experience & perhaps have some fun! ( not to mention having a clean room!)
I will send my daily video out soon! My love to you all!
😊❤️ Ms. Donna