Welcome to Kindergarten!

Here is what is happening in Kindergarten the week of January 13th - 17th:

Religion - We are thankful God gave us the Earth and we will do our part to protect it.

Math - This week we adding different numbers to make 10 by using number bonds.

Language Arts - We read and talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and what he did to fight for equal rights. The children are identifying and writing the "at" sound. We are also focusing on new sight words. The sight word quiz is Friday, January 24th:

  • can
  • to
  • little
  • come
  • look

Science - We are studying the Solar System. We made moon rocks, discussed all of the planets, and made our own astronauts.

Spanish - Learning the color blue / azul and ocean / mar as well as fish / pescado.

Music - We played the "January Song" with cymbals, tambourines, the triangle, and finger cymbals.

Technology - In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., we typed what dreams we have.