Welcome to Kindergarten!

It's Spider Week!

Here is what is happening in kindergarten the week of November 11th:

Religion - We are discussing how God Loves Us. We learned the sign language sign for "I Love You" and we practiced it by saying "I love you, God."

Math - We have been focusing on tally marks using our Spider counting sheets.

Language Arts - We have been identifying missing letter sounds and writing them to complete the words on worksheets .  We have new sight words this week and the next quiz will be on on Friday, November 22nd on the following sight words:

  • said
  • see
  • is
  • big
  • away

Science - We are learning about different types of spiders as well as their Lifecycle.

Spanish - Your children are learning and reviewing the color word verde/green.  They are learning frog/rana, tortuga/turtle, oruga/catepillar, arbol de navidad/Christmas tree.  Also they are learning the shapes: circle/circulo