Welcome to Mrs. Hudson’s fourth grade!!




1st week:  March 16-20th


Religion:  Start off with Suscipe prayer.   (30 minutes per day)

My God, I will belong to you forever. Teach me to trust in you because I know you love me and will always be near me.  Help me always to obey you even when it is hard.  Take from my heart all fear.  Help me never to be sad, but always joyful, knowing that you are my God and that someday I will be with you in Heaven.


Grade 3:  Do 1 page per day (For God so loved the world packet).

Grade 4:  Do 1 page per day in packet that was sent home.


Math:   (40 minutes per day)

Grade 3:  Tuesday:  Pgs. 346-350

Wednesday:  Pgs. 352-356

Thursday: Pgs. 358-362

Friday: Pgs. 364-368

Grade 4:  Tuesday: Pgs. 463-468

Wednesday: Pgs. 469-474

Thursday: Pgs. 475-480

Friday: Pgs. 481-486

Social Studies:  (45-60 minutes per day)

Grade 3:  Work on you countries project.

Grade 4:  By the end of this week (March 20th), you need to have your A-Z paper all finished.  Do no start the A-Z book yet.  Read and do pgs. 3-18 in your blue New Hampshire book by Friday,  (March 20th).


Science:  ( 40 minutes per day)

Grade 3:



  • Make sure vocabulary words from Unit 5 / Lesson 2 are in your science notebook and your Table of Contents is updated
  • Read pages 218 and 219
  • In your science notebooks, respond to the following:  Supposed you visit the beach every year.  Each year the beach appears smaller.  Why might this be occurring?  Remember to use complete sentences and pay attention to capitalization and punctuation.
  • Don’t forget to update your table of contents


  • Read and complete pages 220 and 221
  • In your science notebooks respond to the following question “What can people do to protect animal habitats along the banks of a river?”  Don’t forget to update your Table of Contents


  • Do pages 223-224 and review


  • Make flashcards of your vocabulary words
  • Review Unit 5 / Lesson 2 to be ready for Quiz next week (probably Tuesday)


Grade 4: Tuesday:  Unit 5 / Lesson 1

  • Put vocabulary words into science notebook.  7 words.
  • Read pages 246 and 247
  • In science notebook, respond to the following question:  Would water evaporate more quickly on a sunny day or a cloudy day?  Explain.  Remember to use full sentences and pay attention to capitalization and punctuation. (Don’t forget to update your Table of Contents)





  • In your science notebook, write a HAIKU about the water cycle.  HAIKU: Is a poem that has 3 lines.  The 1st line has 5 syllables.  The 2nd line has 7 syllables.  The 3rd line has 5 syllables. (Don’t forget to update your Table of Contents)
  • Read and complete pages 250-251
  • Think about a typical city street.  What covers most of the ground?  Precipitation cannot easily soak into these surfaces.  Consider what happens to the water when it rains or snows/melts?  Write down your ideas in your science notebook (Don’t forget to update your Table of Contents)



  • Read and complete pages 252 and 253
  • Watch the following video on how to create a model of an aquifer
  • Review vocabulary words


Targeted Instruction (30 minutes)

Grades 3 & 4  Monday’s, Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s


As always you should be reading 30 minutes everyday.







important reminders:

please follow the dress code rules.  we have some 4th graders not wearing the appropriate uniform.



MONDAY:  Technology

TUESDAY: Spanish & Band 


THURSDAY:   Gym,  Music & Praise Band

FRIDAY:  Gym, Spanish & Friday Family Meeting


WEEK OF March 9th

We will be working on the following:

Math: Decimals: tenths, hundredths and fractions as decimals

Social Studies:  Assessment on chapter 7

Science:  Natural resources and their importance. 

Religion:   We keep the Lord’s Day holy by caring for the need of others

Literacy:  We will finish the book and then compare it to the movie.



Monday:  Study for math test

Tuesday:  Study for Social Studies test

Wednesday: Math pgs.  449 & 450

Thursday:   Math pgs. 455 & 456




Math Chapter 9 on Tuesday, 2/10/2020

Social Studies Chapter 7 on Wednesday, 2/11/2020