Welcome to Physical Education with Mrs. Abbey!

Physical education is an organized instructional period for physical development and coordination for all students from preschool through eighth grade. We begin each class by reviewing our agenda, which lists our warm-up activity, the skills of the day, and a game. Our Physical Education curriculum follows the N. H. S.H.A.P.E America Standards. The curriculum includes hand-eye coordination, large body movement, body awareness, spatial awareness, fitness training, and social skills. Children are taught sportsmanship, being a team player, and the value of physical activity for their health.

Students should come prepared for Physical Education by wearing their proper Phys. Ed. uniform, a pair of sneakers, and by bringing a water bottle!

This Month in Physical Education

During the month of December students will learn the art of Yoga!  Yoga will focus on breathing techniques as well as basic yoga moves.  Students will work to further their ability to move deeper into a pose or advance to more technical yoga poses.

Younger students grades PS-2nd will learn through story and using the poses to tell a story such as becoming animals, places, or things!

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