In the Early Childhood Program, children listen to music, learn songs, begin rhythm activities, and creative movement. The elementary music curriculum provides time for listening to artists and discussion of the various styles of music, from modern day to centuries past.

Understanding relationships among the arts, and relating music to history and culture is an important part of their musical development. Elementary students are taught notation. Students develop critical listening skills, vocal flexibility and control, and knowledge of music theory and notation. Various exercises are done to help students develop an ear for music. Students are encouraged to try their hand at composing music as well.

They learn to sing the notes of songs in tonic sol-fa which, in turn, helps with playing the Irish Tin Whistle and other instruments. Students begin in grade one to learn to play the Irish whistle. Students learn musical expression through sacred dance. Band Lessons are an option for students in grades 4-8. Children participate in musical performances throughout the school year.

Mr. Jeff Jenkins, our instructor, is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. He directs the band at seven other schools in the greater Manchester area, including Trinity High School and Saint Joseph Junior High School. Our students have made remarkable progress under his instruction. His methods and skills have instilled enthusiasm and motivation.