Welcome to MSMA Library!


We have classroom libraries as well as a school library. Preschool through grade two have a weekly library period. During this period, students are encouraged to select an ability-appropriate book to read during the upcoming week. We also use this time to read to the class a book that correlates with their present curriculum and also do a craft that relates to the book. All grades make use of the resource material, which is also located in the library on our second floor.

Our first library class we will be reading the book Have you Filled a Bucket Today? This story teaches students valuable lessons on the benefits of kindness. Each person carries an invisible bucket that we can choose to either fill or dip from by our actions. Children will have an opportunity to give their invisible bucket life by creating their own unique bucket!                                                                         -Miss Casey

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids (Anniversary) (Hardcover)