Art with Miss Casey will be with grades 3-8.

This week we are doing community service work in 3-8th art classes. Your children will give back to the community in an artist way! Each child will create a valentines day card for someone in a nursing home and/or a valentines posters for veteran's.


Through the early years, children explore with the use of crayons, markers, and clay. In the elementary Art program, students learn to handle a variety of medium and the techniques to express themselves with these materials. In the lower grades, freedom of exploration is encouraged and in the upper grades, the methodologies of art and drawing are emphasized. Throughout the Art program, appropriate usage of the vocabulary and techniques of various artists is stressed and practiced. Art History and art appreciation are part of the curriculum. Students are provided with examples of the professional artist's work. The older students begin to confront challenges of the adult artist: rendering objects in the third dimension, perspective, and shading.

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-Miss Casey